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Ready to get plugged into one of our year-round Sunday School Classes? No RSVP needed, join whenever you can! We'll have a spot for you.

Each class is at 10AM every Sunday morning.

In our Disciples Class, the teacher (facilitator) leads the class discussions about the Bible which is the primary focus of the class. A book of the Bible is chosen to be analyzed by reading each chapter and verse during each class. Expand your knowledge and the love of God and Jesus Christ through Bible study.

Bibles are encouraged! 

Ages: Intergenerational

Location: Room B102 in The Discipleship Center


    Our Women's group desires to help women of all ages strengthen their faith, exhibit more fruit of the Spirit, deepen their love for Christ, and encourage others in the Lord through events, luncheons, and more.

    To be connected with our Women's ministry, please email Sharon Gotcher at or browse our Events page to spot the next Women's gathering -- we would love to have you!


    Our Men's group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 7:00pm in the Disciples Center. Join the men for studies, mission planning, and fellowship with other men in the church.

    To be connected with our Men's ministry, please contact us or browse our Events page to spot the next Men's gathering -- the men of FCC would gladly welcome you.